Singles Pricing Policy

Singles on our website are updated roughly every 4 hours automatically by our system BinderPOS, we have no control or influence over price changes. We are will not reimburse in any capacity if a card changes in price after purchase.

We set our rates at TCGPlayer, converted to Canadian Dollar. BinderPOS has roughly a 99% success rate & is very rare for a card price to not reflect TCGPlayer Converted (unless it is a new release & card prices fluctuate faster than our 4 hour update time) 

New Set Releases

Card prices tend to fluctuate rapidly after the initial release, which we have no control over. When purchasing, you are agreeing to the listed price & are not eligible for partial refunds if the card is lower at a later time. Due to a rapidly changing environment, we do not offer price matches on cards during the first 2 weeks of initial releases (we also do not take in singles for the first 2 weeks)

We strive to create the most transparent, honest & open dialog with our patrons. We want to ensure that everyone understands that we operate in a very volatile market & our rules are made to protect not only ourselves, but our valued patrons.