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Shipment Times

All orders containing pre-ordered items will be held until the entire order can be fulfilled.

Sending Orders Containing Pre-Ordered Items Early
If your order contains pre-order item(s) you can receive part of your order early by emailing with your order number & items you wish to receive early. You will be responsible for the extra shipping charge. Your order will be fulfilled within 24-48 hours after the extra shipping invoice has been paid.

Pre-Order Cancellation Policy (TCG)

All TCG pre-order cancellations are subject to a 10% restocking fee. This is due to our tight allocations & rapidly changing prices

Pre-Order Price Guarantee

If we lower the cost of pre-orders after your order has been placed, we will refund the difference to your point of payment. If pre-orders have risen in price since your order, no action will be taken.

Once the (Pre-Order) tag has been taken off an item, that means the product has been released & is available to everybody. Release dates for products are subject to change according to publishing delays, distribution delays, carrier delays, etc. We are not responsible for delays as they are out of our control.