Loyalty Program Info

The loyalty program is a tier-based program that rewards our loyal patrons & lets you save money at any time! In order to be eligible for the Loyalty Program, you must register for an account on our website. The Loyalty Program is based off lifetime purchases. Lifetime Total is based on pre-tax amount(s)

Loyalty Program is not available for discounted items

Tier 1 ($500) - 1% off entire order
Tier 2 ($1000) - 2% off entire order
Tier 3 ($1500) - 3% off entire order
Tier 4 ($3000) - 4% off entire order
Tier 5 ($5000) - 5% off entire order

Loyalty Program on the Website (Use at checkout)

Tier 1: Code = Loyalty 1
Tier 2: Code = Loyalty 2
Tier 3 Code = Loyalty 3
Tier 4 Code = Loyalty 4
Tier 5 Code = Loyalty 5


When making an in-store purchase, provide your photo ID to access your account. Purchases made under your account will count towards your lifetime total.


When making an online purchase, make sure you are logged into your account. Purchases made on your account will count towards your lifetime total. If you make a purchase & are not logged into your account, the purchase will not go towards your account lifetime total.

Important Information

In the situation your current order will put you into a higher tier, your order will count towards your CURRENT tier. The next order you make will be in the next tier.


- Loyalty Discounts can only by applied to full-priced items & cannot be used in combination with another discount.
- Loyalty Discounts cannot be used on consignment merchandise